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2019 Adult: Beginning Pottery Class ($100, four weeks)

Cats and other hand-built projects, starts at 12:30 on Tuesday.
Butter Dishes and Plates, starts at 6 pm on Wednesday. This class focuses on projects made with the slab roller and forms. Making fruit bowls, plates, soap dishes, and vases is possible.
Pipes and Bongs and other sculptures. My goal for April is to make more “hug” pieces (pictured left).

2019 Adult: Beginning Pottery Wheel Class ($280, ten weeks)
This is a 10-session class covering the basics of working with clay. This class includes instruction on using a slab roller and pottery wheel. Most of the class will focus on using the pottery wheel. Students will finish several functional bowls and mugs.
Recommended Age: 16+ or 12+ with an adult also enrolled.
Summer: June-July on Tuesday/Thursday nights at 7-9 pm. A few classes are skipped for holidays and fishing but there are 14 possible sessions.

Intermediate Classes
Requires taking the beginning class. New classes start the first week of each month and focus on the wheel, embellishment and decorating pieces.
$15/week or $50/month
Intermediate class times — see calendar inside the studio.

Sign up or just show up. I don’t do online booking and have always been able to accommodate the people who show up. For more information call/text Matthew at (907) 521-4640 and pay cash/check/card either as you go or up front.

Drawing, Painting and Ceramics (OLD CLASS, left because I might offer it again. )
This is a 68-hour class with the intent of providing a complete high school art credit. The class will include drawing techniques, sculpting and working with clay, and painting (watercolor and acrylic) for home school students. There will be some assignments outside of class time and graded critiques.

Monday and Wednesday 11:00 am to 1:30 pm. There will be a lunch break.
September to December (13.5 weeks, 5 hr/week or 67.5 hours)

$75 materials fee and $150 for each of the three modules (to break up the costs).
The total cost for this class is $525/student.

Drawing is the foundation of visual arts. We will learn by keeping a sketchbook and explore composition, shading, graphite weights, contour drawing, perspective drawing, and live sketching of Zip.

The clay portion will include hand working, coiling building, slab building, sculpture, wheel working and decorating with oxides, under glazes, and glazes.

Working with watercolor and acrylic mediums we will learn about mixing colors, technical skills, and do a master study.

To sign up: call/text Matthew at (907) 521-4640 and pay $225 on the first day of class or be a direct pay vendor with Denali Peak or IDEA.


Friday Youth Classes (OLD CLASS)
This class happens over four week and includes three weeks of working with clay and one week of glazing the projects. The objective of this class is to teach fundamental art skills while having fun with clay. The projects change with each session for people who  wish to repeat the class.

Youth classes of all levels are run in sets of four weeks.

Beginning classes are $30/session or $100 for four.