Studio Space

Take the quick tour. The artwork and clutter change frequently!


One Room Studio

The studio has approximately 1000 square feet of space. There are three 4'x8' work tables.
Zip is the black lab. He is very friendly to people and good with small children but unfortunately aggressive to other dogs. So no other dogs are allowed, sorry.


Pottery Wheels

There are 8 pottery wheels. Four are Brent (C and CXC) and four are Shimpo VL Whispers.


Electric Kiln

Right now all the pottery is finished with this ConeArt 2327. Pieces up to 23" wide and 26" tall can be made here. All of the studio glaze firings are ∆6 and produce food-safe ware. The kiln holds 8 cu feet of work and is typically fired 1-2 times a week.

Studio Glazes

Studio Glazes

All of the studio glazes are mixed from dry materials here. Many of the recipes were also developed or refined by Matthew.
The glazes do not contain lead, barium, or manganese for our safety. I only use encapsulated cadmium and avoid excessive amounts of chrome and cobalt. Food-safe work is the standard.

This old Venco pugmill keeps the reclaim clay perfect to work with. Everyone seems to prefer it to fresh bags of clay! There is only one clay body used at the studio: Newcomb 6. I am not opposed to other clay bodies but feel the space is too limited to support more varieties.

And the rather boring looking storage cabinets. Each student/member has a 1'x3' board to store their work on.